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Discover the West Coast

When living up to its potential, you will realize there are not many places in the world that beats the Swedish West Coast. There are thousands of picturesque islands to experience along the entire Bohuslän coast, all the way up to Norway.  


During the summer, there are lots of interesting events and gastronomical experiences going on in the region. If you are looking for calmer activities, there are many great places to find a natural harbor, bbq with your friends and enjoy the sunset in peace. Bohuslän is very beautiful with its red rocks and rich flora - and with a little luck, you can encounter both seals and dolphins in their natural habitat.

Our boats are stationed in our marina on Ringön, located in the central parts of Gothenburg. You'll find both Skagen and Marstrand in its proximity. Experience places like Smögen, Väderöarna, Gullholmen, Saltön and Käringön. With more than 8000 islands nearby, there is much to explore on the Swedish West Coast!

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Welcome to Gothenburg

We've been renting sailboats in Gothenburg since 1992. The Bohuslän coast is known for its stunning scenery and charming surroundings. We're eager to guide you to the best spots along the west coast. We're excited to see you in Gothenburg in 2024!

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Sail with a Skipper

If you decide to sail with a skipper, you don't need any prior experience with sailing or boats. The skipper knows the archipelago very well and will guide you to the most beautiful places you want to see. You'll plan your trip together with the skipper in the Göteborg City Marina before you sail off. Afterwards, you can simply relax and enjoy the journey - and if you're curious about sailing, this is a great opportunity to learn!


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